Benefits of dance for your child

Is there ever a ‘proper’ time to introduce your child to dance class? The truth is as long as you find age-appropriate dance classes, the answer is no. The benefits of dance class for toddlers and kids span across physical, emotional and intellectual development.

Physical Development
Physical development is one of the most obvious benefits dance classes have for children. They are learning a great range of motion, balance, muscle strength and coordination. Dance is a great way for kids and toddlers to improve motor skills and body awareness.

Social Awareness
In dance classes, children have the opportunity to learn in a safe and controlled social setting. They¬†must take turns, work as a group, cooperate, share, understand space, form lines, watch and support one another, perform, and interact. Dance class is a fantastic way to prepare kids for primary school. At Bright Stars Dance for Kids, parents are carers can watch their child’s lesson week after week, and can monitor their child’s social development and interaction with other children.

Creative decvelopment
Because dancing is also an art form, dance class allows kids to creatively express their emotions. Activities that encourage visualisation are great ways of developing imagination and creative thinking in kids and toddlers.

We encourage every mum and dads to explore the possibility of dance class with their kids. Contact Bright Stars Dance for Kids today to arrange your free trial class in Baulkham Hills in Sydney’s Hills District.