Bright Stars Dance

Welcome to Bright Stars Dance!

Bright Stars Dance is new and exciting Hills District dance school for kids aged 2-5. The learning syllabus has been specifically created for young children and incorporates a mixture of basic ballet, jazz and musical activities. At Bright Stars Dance we believe that imagination, creativity and confidence are key in building your child’s appreciation for music and dance. Our lessons incorporate props, musical instruments and lots of fun ‘imagination games’ that will transport your child to magical fairy lands, underwater adventures and more!

We understand that parents and carers often want to watch their child in class, and so we have an open door policy for all our parents. We also understand that the business of parenting can be expensive – there are no overpriced uniforms or ‘hidden extras’. At the heart of Bright Stars is our wish to create a fun and supportive environment for our students. Every child will receive personal care and attention from our teachers, enabling them to truly enjoy the first steps of their dance journey. Call us to arrange your child’s free, no obligation trial lesson!