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Why Bright Stars Dance? 

Bright Stars Dance is an exciting dance program for kids aged 2-5. The learning syllabus has been specifically created for young children and incorporates a broad range of activities that foster an appreciation for dance, music and imagination.

At Bright Stars Dance we believe that interaction, creativity and confidence are the foundations for a great learning environment. Our lessons incorporate props, musical instruments and lots of fun ‘imagination games’ that will transport your child to magical faraway lands, underwater adventures and more!


Bright Stars Dance runs 2 programs – Bright Stars Dance for Fun (half hour classes that are conducted at your child’s pre-school or early learning centre) and Bright Stars Dance Parties.

We understand that parents and carers often want to have an understanding of what they have been learning. For our Bright Stars Dance for Fun  mobile dance program, parents will receive a weekly class recap email. At the end of term we have an awards presentation and your child will receive a special ribbon and certificate.


At the heart of Bright Stars is our wish to create a fun and supportive environment for your child. Every child will receive personal care and attention from our teachers, enabling them to truly enjoy the first steps of their dance journey. 


Miss Amanda

Miss Amanda is the founder of Bright Stars Dance, and the principal teacher. As a 3 year old she tried out her first ballet lesson and hasn’t stopped leaping or twirling in the many years since!

Amanda has taught dance for several years, teaching Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Lyrical Jazz, and Drama along the way. Her true passion however lies in teaching younger children. As a teacher, Amanda’s number one rule is to put your child’s well-being first. This means demonstrating the highest level of attention and care, and ensuring that every child is happy, confident and developing and improving as they should be.


Dance class with Miss Amanda is fun, interactive and imaginative – your child will dance out of class a very happy Bright Star!

What Our Bright Stars Clients Are Saying

We are so happy to have come across Bright Star Dance. Amanda attends our service every week and if we could have her every day we would! The children look forward for dance class with Amanda and ask daily when she is she coming back. Our service ranges from ages 0-5, and Amanda can keep everyone engaged and participating during the whole session with her bubbly and energetic personality."


-  St Mary Multicultural ELC Narellan Vale

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